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PRESS RELEASE: We Built The Best High Temperature Data Logger


The Dickson Company Proves the Inside Does Count

Introducing the redesigned HT300 High Temperature Data Logger.

Chicago, IL: Today, The Dickson Company, an American manufacturer of Environmental Monitoring Instruments, announced the release of their High Temperature Data Logger, the HT300. The HT300 is the latest in Dickson’s Product Line of Data Loggers fitted specifically to meet the HACCP requirements of the Food Industry.

What makes the HT300 so special? It’s solid internal structure. With no movement on the inside, future customers will be able to throw it in water, send it through their food processes, and show off the compact nature to their regulatory agencies. Additionally, the HT300 features:

    • Food Grade Stainless Steel
    • User Replaceable Battery
    • USB Download

Dickson’s Engineering Project Coordinator, Kelly Giardino, had this to say about the new product:

The HT300 is significantly robust, allowing it to handle extreme and quick changes in temperature, while also being able to travel through many food processes without wear or tear.

About Dickson: The Dickson Company is a manufacturer of Temperature, Humidity, and Pressure Monitoring Instruments based in Addison, IL. Having been in business for over 90 years, Dickson is a stalwart within the environmental monitoring agency, focusing on the design, development, and engineering of Chart Recorders and Data Loggers. A2LA Certified, in this crazy data monitoring world, Dickson’s team are the experts you’re looking for.

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