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Vaccine Temperature Monitoring Instrument from Dickson [Press Release]

The world’s first and only temperature chart recorder designed specifically to meet CDC recommendations for continuous certified and calibrated vaccine storage monitoring, Dickson VFC70 Temperature Chart Recorder, is available from Dickson Company. Pediatric specialists using the VFC70 Temperature Chart Recorders are able to document that vaccine quality has not been compromised by inadequate temperature controls and to avoid costs and liabilities of inadequate or absent temperature monitoring methods.

VFC70 - 4" Temperature Recorder for Vaccine Monitoring

Dickson VFC70 Temperature Chart Recorders feature easy-to-read charts clearly showing when vaccines go out of acceptable temperature range and for how long. The unique chart recorder highlights ranges for standard refrigerator vaccines (35 to 46°F) and freezer vaccines as well (5°F and lower), the critical ranges for pediatric vaccine storage. VFC70 highlights include:

  • 24/7 Continuous monitoring, even during nights and weekends
  • 4” Diameter Easy-to-Read Vaccine Chart
  • Circular Bands on Chart Show Acceptable Vaccine Ranges
  • Digital Display for Quick Reference
  • 0 to +70°F Temperature Range
  • Perfect for Refrigerator and Freezer
  • Small Compact Size

VFC70 orders can be made online at , or by calling 800–323–2448, or via FAX 800–676-0498.

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