[Webinar Announcement] DicksonOne: New Alarm Escalation

It's here! One of the most requested DicksonOne features has been alarm escalation. It’s been on our road map for a while (interested in learning more about our road map? Learn more at our meetup) and we’re releasing it this week.

What is Alarm Escalation?

We think of alarm escalation as the system’s ability to notify a user if an alarm condition still exists after various time thresholds.

Previously you could only escalate an alarm based on the condition getting worse and not by the same condition lasting longer.

This isn’t limited to just a single user either; you can have multiple users receive notifications or even different groups of users receive notifications at the various intervals.

What is Alarm Escalation good for?

Receiving different types of notifications the longer a condition exists

As the condition continues to exists you may want to be notified in different ways. For example, at first you just want an email, but if it continues for a bit longer you want to get a text message, but if it still hasn’t cleared after even longer, you want the system to call your cell phone.

Notifying different individuals the longer a condition exists

You can use this functionality to alert different people at different times. You can be alerted after 10 minutes, but your manager and facility/maintenance staff can be notified after 20 minutes.

Continuing to receive notifications the longer a condition exists

Some people want to be continuously notified that the condition still hasn’t cleared and this allows for that (within reason).

How does it work?

In the past, you were able to set an alarm delay at the device level and any/all alarms respected that. Now, you can add delays at the notification level.


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You can read more about how to set up an escalating alarm here. Or, sign up for our webinar covering alarm escalation!

Webinar!?!?! That’s right, sign up for our Alarm Escalation Webinar today!

If you’d like to see a live demo, learn best practices, and ask questions about this new functionality, this is your chance! We’ve done this in the past with great success and look forward to another great session.


Date: Wednesday, March 29

Time: 12pm CST

Where: Sign Up Here