A Comprehensive Guide to Vaccine Temperature Monitoring

In many cases, the consequences of vaccine degradation are potentially life threatening.  Yet the damage from temperature variance can be difficult to detect, and the required cold chains are often long, complex, and subject to unpredictable fluctuations in conditions. 

With the recent surge in vaccine research and development necessitated by the COVID-19 crisis, demands on those involved in the production, distribution, and administration of vaccines are set to reach unprecedented levels for the foreseeable future. This reality only intensifies the need for a comprehensive and well-orchestrated vaccine temperature monitoring strategy. 

Our latest white paper offers an in-depth exploration of the vaccine cold chain and identifies the critical best practices organizations should follow in order to ensure vaccine efficacy. You’ll gain valuable insights into the latest changes in vaccine monitoring and learn how your organization can best prepare for the challenges ahead. Topics covered include: 

  • Why vaccines are a particularly sensitive area when it comes to temperature monitoring
  • How the government regulates vaccine temperature monitoring
  • The evolution of vaccine monitoring through the years
  • Five best practices for vaccine temperature monitoring

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