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4 Advantages To Hiring The Best IT People In Your Hospital

When we work with a hospital on installing any of our products, the bigger projects always involve the hospital’s IT team. Thus, we’ve talked with hospital IT professionals off and on for about 90 years, and increasingly in the last two years, with the creation of DicksonOne. Whenever we talk with them, there seems to be an emphasis on hiring more people within their department, due to the increased amount of functions in the hospital that go through computers (and thus the IT department.)

Getting more people in your hospital IT department is great. But, you should be wary of hiring a dud. Here are four advantages to hiring the best and brightest in your
hospital’s IT department.

1. Increased Data Security

It may seem like systems are the objects of desire if you’d like to make sure your data is secure, but people help in that area, too. HIT is under fire for its lack of data security from every outlet. Give your data’s security a boost with a great hire.

2. Better Communication

IT teams create and oversee a lot of the communication pathways within a hospital. You want those pathways to be as secure and efficient as possible, so hire the best IT people to do that for you. Those pathways can be as fundamental as Gchat, or as robust as a fully functioning and operating Hospital EMR system, with a ”dial-a-nurse” phone and email appointment function. Whatever the case, communication is key, and hospital IT can help you out.

3. Faster Tech Adoption

This one seems a little obvious, right? That’s because it’s super important! With the swift and constantly changing landscape of the healthcare medical devices industry, you need to stay on top of it! And not only you, but your entire hospital. The more synchronized everyone is on the adoption of new technology within the hospital, the better your hospital will run.

4. Safer Patients

This is what all hospitals strive for, correct? ”Safer patients” puts a nice bow on the three advantages to hiring the best HIT people in your hospital because it’s the main reason you do everything in your hospital. IT people, the best ones that is, will help make your patients safer.