DicksonOne: 5 FAQ's


All cutting-edge developments come with a few questions, and DicksonOne is no exception. To aid in our customer’s understanding, we asked Dickson’s Product Support Engineer, Chris, to jot down the most frequently asked questions he receives about DicksonOne. Not only that, but he gave us some common solutions to these questions as well.

1. How do you use DicksonOne? There doesn't seem to be a manual. . .

Go to support.dicksonone.com. There you will find easy instructions for device setup and common questions regarding the monitoring system. Or, you can give me a call at 1-630-543-3747-256

2. How do I connect my data logger to WiFi? What are the correct settings?

Every WiFi network is different. As such, we can’t supply you with the correct settings information. However, you can often find the wireless settings from a computer within your network, or if it is an especially difficult case, contact your IT department.

We've also developed a step-by-step guide to setting up your DicksonOne WiFi Logger.

3. How can I change the settings and assign alarms to the logger?

To make any changes, the logger has to be registered and send at least one data point to the cloud. Once your device has sent one data point to the cloud, you will have access to the graph of the logger (just click on the device in the home screen) and then click on the gear to pull up the settings. To assign alarms, click on the bellThe buttons locations on your screen are highlighted in the screenshot below, surrounded by a red box:

For more information on changing the settings of your logger, visit the logger settings section of the DicksonOne Support Center.

For more information on assigning alarms, visit the alarms section of the DicksonOne Support Center.

4. My logger is still not getting a code after configuring the device using the Widget Software. . .

Check these things first:

  • The USB is unplugged

  • Logger is connected to power

  • The probe is firmly attached to the device.

After that, it’s best to double check the network settings with IT or from a device (computer, laptop) that has been previously connected to the WiFi network. Network names and passwords are case sensitive!

If everything checks out, then IT will have to check firewalls or web filters to see if there are any log files that contain Dicksonone.com being blocked, and if so, add DicksonOne to the allowed sites.

5. When exporting data I did not receive the email. . .

Check your spam folder. If the exported data is not in the spam folder the email may be getting rejected by the email's spam filtering. You’ll either need to add noreply@dicksonone.com to your address book or your spam filter’s white list.

Don’t see your specific question anywhere? Visit the DicksonOne Support Center. Or, give us a call at 1-630-543-3747. We would love to help.