Best Practices in Compliance

Dickson is your compliance partner, and as such, we want to share a few tools to improve your best practices for compliance.

Let’s first start by talking about what compliance really means. From a straightforward approach, it means following the laws and making a product that follows defined regulatory pathways. But, being compliant is not just about following regulations and rules. It’s about caring how much your product may impact another’s life. So how can we help you improve compliance?

Our first tool is continuous monitoring. Monitoring is a commitment to reviewing and detecting compliance variances in real time and then reacting quickly to remediate them. A primary goal of monitoring is to identify and address gaps in your program on a regular and consistent basis across a wide spectrum of data and information.

Effective monitoring means applying a consistent set of protocols, checks, and controls tailored to your company’s risks to detect and remediate compliance problems. As your compliance partner, Dickson is here to help. We offer DicksonOne, a cloud-based environmental monitoring system featuring an easy-to-use and intuitive interface for monitoring your critical variables. This allows you to remain compliant without taking up too much of your time.

Another useful compliance tool is validation. In general terms, validation is confirmation that a system, equipment, or process is operating as intended.  This is done through testing that can verify if those items are consistently producing results that meet the predefined acceptance criteria. Through installation qualification, operational qualification and performance qualification, we can test, ensure and verify your system, equipment, or process is operating as it should. Dickson offers validation services DicksonOne and DicksonWare software customers, as well as temperature controlled equipment such as refrigerators, stability chambers, freezers, and more.

Whether it is a surprise audit or a scheduled check-up, we want to help your company be compliant.  We have a team of experts to help you meet your compliance needs from start to finish.