Big Data Security: Are you protected?

There is a lot of excitement surrounding big data these days. Healthcare, insurance, transportation, and even crime detection are part of the Big Data world. But with that excitement comes those who want to access, manipulate, massage, transform and unpack all of the information at once. However, access to this immense amount of data needs to be controlled.

Sr. Engineer Manager for Cybersecurity at Arrow Enterprise, Davitt Potter says, “There are three questions you should ask when determining a company's Identity and Access Management policies:

  1. Who are the privileged users and are you sure they are who they say they are?

  2. What access should they have?

  3. What data should they be using?

By protecting big data, a company can avoid problems like regulatory noncompliance, intellectual property theft, and corporate espionage.

Dickson understands the importance of security. With DicksonOne’s 21CFR11 compliance, bank-level encryption, and various user permission levels, you can rest assured that your data is secure and in the right hands.



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