Can Dickson Visit My Facility?

Whether our customers are working in high compliance industries or just aren’t as familiar with how they should be monitoring their environments we often get asked if we can come on site to help review how they should be monitoring their facility. The short answer is yes, we are more than happy to come on site and see first hand what your goals and challenges are. However, before we arrive at your facility there are a few steps we would like to complete first.

Before we walk into your facility we would first like to set up an assessment call or two, that would include a monitoring needs analysis and a compliance requirements review, to learn as much about your facility and goals when it comes to environmental monitoring. By speaking with you and other key players on your team, we develop a great base of understanding for how your team operates and the challenges you face with your environmental monitoring needs. As we develop that greater understanding, we can pull from past experience and share similar use cases from within your industry. After speaking with you and your team to establish your wants, needs, goals, and challenges, then we are ready to come see first hand how you operate.

By walking your facility and doing a site assessment of all the areas that we have previously discussed, we both can get a much clearer picture of how environmental monitoring will fit within your facility. We may even find areas that weren’t initially discussed that should be brought into the scope of your monitoring, or find that certain areas that don’t need to have their own monitoring points after all. This ensures that we can walk away with a much clearer vision of the size and scope of the project. Adjustments can be made to your wants and needs, and realignment of goals can be set if necessary.

Onsite visits are a great tool for not only you but for us as well. By walking a facility with you the end user and learning about your frustrations and how you envision your environmental monitoring we can help you develop the best-suited system for your operations.