Office Temperatures and Productivity

We've all worn a sweater in the office during the dog days of summer. We've all thought our office was a little stuffy during the dark, frigid days of January. It’s counterproductive, but it happens. By monitoring temperature in the office you can save money on energy costs, make everyone in the office a little happier, and increase worker efficiency.

Does Warm = Productivity?

In an article last year on, Michael Woodward described the misconception of cold = a productive environment in his article, "Why Frigid Office Temperatures Can be Bad for Business.He cites a study performed by Cornell University, which found that when temperatures were raised from 68 degrees to 77 degrees in an office setting, typing errors decreased by 44% and output increased by approximately 150%.

For someone who prefers colder temperatures (and believes that warmer weather = lemonade and lethargy) this took me by surprise. I’m not entirely convinced, but Woodward does outline why colder temperatures would have a negative effect on productivity. Namely, cold causes muscles to tense, mood to worsen, and office relationships to falter.

However, In the clip below, I’m on Oscar’s side.

Fans of the popular NBC Show, The Office, may remember this cold open. The clip may elicit a giggle - which I primarily attribute to the universality of the situation - the universality is what makes this issue important. You may not have a thermostat nemesis in the office, but you probably at one point thought your office was uncomfortable. Uncomfortable employees are unhappy employees.

Find a Temperature that Works for You

How? By monitoring your data.

For companies with office temperature issues, purchasing a temperature monitor is a quality investment, one that will make your boss and your fellow employees happier. The thermostat 45 feet from your desk is not telling you the temperature of your desk, or how that temperature is influenced by your coffee cup warmer and single pane window.

But what if you are worried you are wasting energy on heat/air conditioning?

Which is where Dickson, and DicksonOne, come in. Whether you are on the 46th floor of a skyscraper or the first floor of a small office building, Dickson can help you find the problems in your HVAC system to make your employees more comfortable and more efficient. Also, we can help you locate problems in your office, reducing your future energy bills.

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At Dickson, we make data loggers and chart recorders that monitor your environment. One may think that a cold storage warehouse is the only real application for temperature mapping, but this is a misconception. Energy is wasted every day in office buildings. Cutting down costs is as important as raising profits. Let Dickson help you out.

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