Days at Dickson: Annual Jarts Tournament

A question we get quite often when someone interviews to work here involves some sort of the following.

"Uhm... what are... Jarts?"

Now, I know you're asking yourself the question, "Why does this come up in an interview?" and you're right to be curious. Your answer would quite simply be because it's something we advertise as a perk for working here. At the bottom of many of our job ads you'll see the following bullet point.

  • (Dickson offers) A fun, down-to-earth culture that includes your standard ping-pong table, company supplied drinks/snacks, massage chair, Jarts tournaments, potlucks, etc.


Jarts of yellow and blue that is played at the Dickson company on a regular basis.
Our fully legal Jarts set


For that reason, we feel it's important to let you all know just what this illegal game is, so you can all feel a little more at ease.

The game of Jarts was banned from sale on December 19, 1988 because of a number of accidental deaths. Apparently, the game that was played with large darts  that ended in blunt metal ends had a tendency to severely injure players who weren't paying attention. Fear not, though, those of you interested in working at Dickson. We have a modern version this is quite safe, and legal, to play. You should know, though, our play is competitive.


Dickson Jarts Tournament
A look at the bracket


That, of course, is the reason why we don't just play the game of Jarts. We have a bracketed tournament for the game of Jarts. Every winner is advanced to the next round throughout the bracket until a winner is announced to have bragging rights until the following year. Even if you aren't great at Jarts, it doesn't mean you shouldn't play.

It's fun being a part of this team every day, let alone on a day like this. Sure, we're competitive, but we still support each other once the games are over. That's important when you're part of a close knit family of employees at a company like this. You can see it all come together when we sit down for lunch, as a group, half way through the event. While our tournament is an annual occurrence, our company lunches are a regular one.

We talk a lot about how every point matters, and we stand by that from the start to the finish. That's why we find it important to foster an environment where our employees develop camaraderie and a place they can enjoy getting up and coming to each morning. Don't just take my word for it. Take's word for it.

After starting, one of of the things that struck me was how much people enjoy working here. Small company feel where everyone knows each other regardless of department. Hours are somewhat flexible, overtime is not expected, and work/life balance is encouraged.

If you think this all sounds like a place you're interested in working then head over to our careers page and see if there are any opportunities open to apply. As a growing company, check back often because new sales jobs and a growing list of roles could be posted any day. Just come with a sense of humor and a curious personality. An affinity for Chipotle is always encouraged, but, unfortunately, not required.