Dickson Insights: A Letter From the Editor

The following article appears in the September Issue of Dickson Insights

Help us help you.

Dickson has customers from all walks of life. Pizza connoisseurs, piano experts, and camel milk gurus all use our temperature, temperature and humidity, and pressure monitors to better understand their work. Pretty cool, no? We converse with a surfeit of industries so often, that some of you probably get lost in our focus.

So I, and we, want to know who you are, and what we can do better for you. At Dickson, instead of sticking your request in a "requests" bin, only for it to sit there for 6 weeks before anyone sees it, and then when they do see it, transfer the suggestion to somebody else for 6 more weeks, who then transfers it to the right individual, which by the time your request is answered, you may have already forgotten about . . . we handle things a bit differently.

On my end, I can research and distribute information that will be helpful for you. I can create articles, infographics, photos, and guides that you want. If you need something else, like product support, I can walk a couple of yards down the hallway and say hello to the people you will be talking to. Have a product feature recommendation? I hang out with our engineering department on such a frequent basis they have to be very sick of me by now.

Whatever your needs are as our customer, we want to get you that satisfaction that so many companies promise. We just need a little of your help to get started.

So . . . we’d like to hear from you! No matter your position or company size, if you are interacting with our products, let’s talk. My email is content@dicksondata.com. I look forward to emailing you back.


Michael, Dickson Insights Editor-In-Chief