Dickson Insights: Got Alarms? Why You Need DicksonOne

The cover story for next month's edition of Dickson Insights highlights the importance of closely monitoring your environment in the expectation of extreme weather, and stresses the urgency of having a monitoring system in your facility that can properly handle storage problems that are caused by extreme weather (large temperature swings, loss of power). Let’s say you already monitor, but are looking for an upgrade, which system is the best? Well, if you are living in an area that is susceptible to extreme conditions and you don’t have alarms, I can guarantee you are not keeping your products as safe as possible.

Alarms have fast become an essential component in environmental monitoring: companies want to know when something might go wrong, when something is probably going to go wrong, when something goes wrong, and when something really goes wrong. In the race to be as lean and efficient as possible, lost product and lost time are not options.


So what kind of alarms are the best? The DicksonOne kind. DicksonOne not only provides audible alarms directly from the data logger, but the system can also email, text, and call you when your temperature or humidity gets out of whack. Furthermore, you can choose who receives these email, text, or phone call alarms when temperatures creep out of range. Snowstorms just got a little easier to handle.

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