Dickson Replaceable Sensors™ 101

Are you using a Dickson Replaceable Sensor ™? Not sure? Let's take a look at what replaceable sensors are, why they make calibration simpler, and which of the Dickson products use this feature.

What are Dickson Replaceable Sensors?

Dickson Replaceable Sensors are unique because they separate the two functions of your data logger or chart recorder: measuring and recording temperature and/or humidity.

Prior to the Replaceable Sensor ™, data loggers and chart recorders both measured and recorded environmental data inside the device. With a Replaceable Sensor ™, the environment is measured by the sensor and recorded by the device.

So what does this mean for calibration?

Dickson calibrates the sensor, not the unit. Instead of packaging up your device and sending it back to us, you can just order a new Replaceable Sensor ™, receive the calibrated sensor by mail, pop the old one out, and plug the new one in to complete your recalibration. It is that easy.

Plus, because you won’t need to implement backup devices and coordinate which loggers were monitoring which spaces during re-calibrations, you save both time and resources.

Still not sure if you are a Replaceable Sensor customer? Take a look at our Instruments that are enabled with replaceable sensors.


Dickson Replaceable Sensor Products

Touchscreen Data Loggers (TWE/TWP/TSB)


Wifi/Ethernet Data Logger (DWE)


Display Data Logger (DSB)


6” & 8" Charter Recorders

Still unsure? Want more information? We'd love to help you out. Call one of our product specialists to learn more about how Dickson Replaceable Sensors can help you reach your compliance goals.