DicksonOne: Features & Enhancements

Our commitment to continuous improvement and ensuring we always meet the needs of our customers is a core part of everything that we do. Over the past several months, we have made many updates to DicksonOne. While they are minor improvements, they are worth mentioning so that you are aware of all the capabilities and features available at your fingertips.

1. Embedded Report Links 

For tabular reports, we’ve made it even easier to access your PDF attachments. Previously, the only way to open up a tabular report was via the PDF attachment included with your report email. That capability still exists, but we’ve improved upon it by also providing a link to the PDF embedded in the email. If you have very large files with a lot of data, it will be beneficial.

2. On-Demand Reports for Archived Devices

You now have the ability to run one-time, on-demand reports for archived devices that are no longer actively reporting. You can add archived devices to one- time reports in the same manner in which you add regular active devices.

3. Daily Summary Statistics for Weekly and Monthly Recurring Reports

Our reporting suite just got even better! Now for your recurring weekly and monthly reports (on the “Device” format), you have the option to include a summary for each day covered by the report. To enable this, when configuring your reports, select “Device” format, and check the “Include daily summary” box below. You may then proceed to configure the remainder of the report as you would normally.

4. Append Signature Line to Reports

Some of our customers in more heavily-regulated environments are required to prove that they have reviewed reports. We have provided the ability to print reports with a dedicated signature line. You can enable this simply by selecting the "Add Signature Line" box when choosing a report format. You can append a signautre to any report type.

5. Back-end Infrastructure Updates

You may not notice this on the surface, but it is the most critical. As DicksonOne grows and scales, it is imperative to ensure the processes that run the most fundamental aspects of the application (such as the processing of alarm notifications, report generation, etc.) are as streamlined and as up-to-date as possible to ensure the most optimal system performance. We have recently implemented a new job processing

You can always refer to the change logs page to see all the contents of each software release.