DicksonOne Features & Enhancements: Channel Naming

Introduction to Channel Naming

We are excited to introduce a small but extremely powerful, new feature to DicksonOne that will enable you to apply custom names or labels to your individual channels (a channel refers to a single probe or monitoring point, like a freezer)

Previously when adding a device with a replaceable sensor to your DicksonOne account, you had the ability to name the device itself and the individual monitoring variables would appear in the interface as a channel number. So, if you have a sensor with dual probes, you would see “Temp CH 1” and “Temp CH 2”.

You now have the ability to name those distinct monitoring variables, independent of the data logger itself. For instance, let's say the dual probe mentioned above is monitoring vaccines in a refrigerator and freezer. One probe is in the fridge (channel 1), the other in the freezer (channel 2). In this case, both are temperature channels but we can name the channels something like Refrigerator and Freezer instead of the vague Temp CH 1 or 2.

Now, when you receive an alarm notification from the system it can tell you that the refrigerator is out of spec as opposed to just a channel. There’s no need to decipher where the problem is, you just know.

Your data will now appear with the corresponding channel name, so you’ll always know at a glance which monitoring point the data is representing.

Your alarms and annotations are associated with the appropriate channel name.

For more details and to learn how to update your channels with names, please visit https://dicksondata.com/resources/support/dicksonone/ and search “naming channels” to read more. We’d also love to hear your feedback, regarding this and any other DicksonOne-related topics. You can always send a message to feedback@dicksonone.com; we appreciate hearing from you!