Drones Could Soon Take Flight in the Health Care Industry

Drones are everywhere in today’s society.  If you haven’t seen one in flight yet it won’t be long until you do. These unmanned, flying machines are the talk of the future. Amazon is even pitching them as an option to offer a delivery within minutes instead of days. The same idea may soon take flight in the Health Care industry.

In some cases, a Drone could potentially reach a patient almost 20 minutes faster than an ambulance according to research conducted by the American Medical Association. For example, if a heart attack occurs, a Drone could deliver a defibrillator to the victim’s aids allowing them to begin reviving the heart while waiting for the ambulance to arrive. Registered nurse Andreas Claesson says, “If bystanders were willing and able to use the devices, the shorter response time could save lives.” This technology could change healthcare for the better. Max Blau tells us how in his article with Stat News.

At Dickson, we might not have delivery Drones, but we do have a variety of temperature and humidity monitoring products and services. Dickson’s monitoring system automatically collects data, sends excursion alerts, and emails reports for millions of dollars worth of assets around the world, resulting in a reduction in lost assets, increased consumer safety, and ultimately, peace of mind.



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