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Food Safety Summit

This week I am attending the Food Safety Summit.  It is a conference that gives educational sessions and real-life solutions to issues surrounding some of the top food production companies in America.  The goal is to increase the protection of our food supply through education.  Dickson plays a HUGE role in the safe transportation and storage of perishable goods.  Our temperature and humidity monitoring products are proudly used to document and record the environmental conditions of some of the most complex food logistics in the world.  This year's show promises to be filled with new idea's, interesting conversation and learning opportunities on how to improve the safe delivery of tonights dinner.

Some of the highlights during the first couple educational sessions regarded the passage of the new Food Safety Modernization Act.  This new piece of legislation is filled with new ways of protecting our food supply.  One of the biggest changes is the increased frequency at which the FDA will conduct audits of food safety processes and procedures.  It also calls for new audits on International Companies importing there products into the United States.

The main goal of this new law is to create a culture of prevention rather than reaction.  Dickson temperature and humidity monitoring instruments are perfect for companies that what to document and kept records of the exact known environmental conditions in there facility allowing them to be more preventive and less reactive.