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How To Become A HIT Genius

Healthcare IT, or HIT, is more than just the IT team that sets up a hospital’s computers. They are essential to the fabric of just about every healthcare system in the world. That stated, IT Team, no need to get worked up, this post isn’t exactly for you (though valuable information is present). Instead, it’s for everyone around you. Yup, doctors, PA’s, nurses, administrators, and everyone in between, we are talking to you! This article is meant to function as a bridge to the IT department, so you bother them a little less with computer troubles, and also to help you become more efficient at your own work. So, keep reading if you’d like to begin your journey in becoming a HIT Genius!

Understand hosting locally, understand the cloud.

This will not only make you sound savvy, but also save you time and effort contacting your IT department for lost files or missing records. Knowing which of your programs, files, and data are stored locally at only one hospital, versus programs, files, and data that are stored in the cloud (and thus can probably be accessed anywhere by the right person) will help make your hospital more efficient.

Attend Your HIT Department’s Rounds.

This seems silly, right? And who in the world has got the time, right? We know you are busy, but spending a day with the HIT team, and listening in on their problem spots (maybe your computer is the one that is messed up!) will help you understand the common issues that your fellow employees face on a daily basis—and better yet, how to solve those issues. We promise following someone around for one day is better than suffering the embarrassment of not knowing why your computer won’t turn on.

Nursing/Hospital Informatics Officer.

Do you have one? If you do, then you should spend some time with them! If you don’t, then why not? Nursing and Hospital Informatics Officers help nurses and other end-users of computer applications better manage the plethora of data that is available in hospitals. If you don’t have one, your data may be at a greater risk of being accidentally manipulated and compromised.

Get to know the manufacturers of the products you are using.

Being manufacturers of technology used in hospitals ourselves, we find that end-users don’t always take the time to explore the various resources available to them when using our product. Becoming a HIT Genius will take more than just using the resources available in your immediate vicinity. Sometimes, it takes calling a support line, attending a manufacturer’s webinar, or sitting in on a product training session to fully understand how to use a device or software program. If you can be the expert at even one aspect of technology in the hospital, you will be a valued resource to your fellow employees.