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Resources for Hospital IT Supervisors

Healthcare IT is at the forefront of medical development these days. In previous editions of Dickson Insights and on our blog, we’ve outlined top twitter accounts, best websites and links, and other resources meant to help out those in the Healthcare IT landscape that is constantly changing around them. Because of the initial problems with, and because of cyber attacks like the Heartbleed bug, the public’s mindset towards Healthcare’s digital infrastructure has been a little volatile. If that overarching theme tells us anything, it’s that navigating the healthcare world as a IT Supervisor can be difficult, especially when it comes to finding resources you can rely on.

In past articles in Dickson Insights, and in past columns on our blog, we’ve tried our best to provide some avenues with which employees in Healthcare IT can better themselves and their healthcare system.

This time, we are focusing on the Healthcare IT Supervisor. We’ve listed off some general resource themes below that we think will help you better navigate your healthcare system, which will only be a benefit to the patients your healthcare system serves.

Training and Certification Programs

Healthcare IT Supervisors have to handle a combination of healthcare, IT, and managerial problems every day. Thus, additional training in all three of those scopes (and a few more) is a useful resource with which to gain more knowledge. The “skills” that one should learn as a part of these training programs are as follows:

  • Securities
  • Project Management
  • Electronic Health Records
  • Customer Service

Each of these skill sets has specific training and certification programs out there to help Healthcare IT Supervisors gain knowledge. Resources like Coursera, CAPM, and PMP can help give you a leg up for your career long-term, while also immediately making you a better supervisor to your Healthcare IT workers.

Job Boards

As a supervisor, you should try your best to find the best employees! Great Healthcare IT employees will help make your job easier. In this instance we are not just referring to LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, and Indeed. There are job boards specifically designed for IT focused individuals seeking out employment. Along those same lines are recruiters. Recruiters help you contact individuals who may already be employed, and thus may be the best candidate for your open position.


Conferences may seem like an easy excuse to spend a week away, perusing isles of exhibitors and lazily sitting through lectures . . . but they aren’t! We’ve found that in the Healthcare IT industry specifically, conferences are almost essential. Whether you or someone in your organization goes, you will not regret it. Industry events like the Digital Health Summit and HIMMS are great for interacting with your peers, and discovering the latest trends and innovations in Healthcare IT.

White Papers and Blogs

Those who work in Healthcare IT are usually well-versed in the online arts. But just in case you haven’t searched out any new resources lately, we’ve provided some over on our blog. There we listed off the best general Healthcare IT blogs, the best blogs for Supervisors specifically, and the best white papers that companies and governmental organizations have created with respect to Healthcare IT.