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Keeping the Ice in Ice Cream

In one of the hottest environments in the world, keeping ice cream cool and frozen is a very difficult task. A leading manufacturer of ice cream in Dubai uses a network of Dickson data loggers to monitor this task. The goal is to monitor temperatures and deliver sweet frozen treats across the Middle East.

Constant monitoring is a necessity with outdoor temperatures routinely exceeding 90°F. The monitoring solution has to log past data to meet government regulations, but also allow Quality Assurance Officials the ability to view current conditions. This is necessary so action can be taken if environmental conditions change. It also allows staff to react and save inventory or fix a potential problem.

The solution is a network of Dickson Data Loggers connected by a multiple point monitor (SM325 with MP100). This combination saves the facility manpower by not having to download individual data loggers and is an easy way to document all environmental conditions.

QA Officials are able to monitor all 9 cool rooms from one central location. From this single point employees are able to view current conditions, log past readings, and present reports for government officials. It also allows for a quick response in order to save valuable inventory.

While monitoring their store rooms is essential, they also need a solution for their transportation logistics system. This dairy company exports ice cream across the Middle East, from Saudi Arabia to Kuwait and needs to monitor the trucks to ensure proper conditions are maintained during transportation. To accomplish this Dickson disposable chart recorders (D301) are used. These convenient, accurate recorders allow for single use and also provide an economical solution from a trusted brand.

The trucks travel on roads that are not well maintained, so they require a product that can handle the rugged conditions. The Dickson disposable chart recorders (D301) not only provide shock and vibration protection, but also are tamper-proof and have a pull-out start tab for failsafe start-up. These features provide an ideal solution for cold-chain monitoring.
When critical conditions for food safety exist, customers turn to a trusted brand with proven solutions for multiple problems. Food Service Professionals turn to Dickson for ease of use, impeccable accuracy and a proven ability to solve difficult, complex customer issues.