The 7 Best Twitter Accounts for Manufacturing News

Where should you get your manufacturing information? Breaking news? Opinions on manufacturing policy? In the past few years, one social media platform has outperformed the rest for quick, breaking, and (sometimes) insightful opinions: Twitter. With almost every general news outlet and journalist opening up the Twitter App and typing 140 characters or less with updates, Twitter has surpassed general news outlets for the amount of (sometimes) newsworthy information that can be gained on the internet.

And the manufacturing industry is no different. Where you get your manufacturing news can be a result of the accounts and people you follow. Below are our top 7 accounts you should be following.

1. Cerasis


A Third Party Logistics Company, Cerasis isn’t a huge consumer-based corporation, but their twitter game is on point. If we had to categorize them, we would put them in the conversational-news sharing link building-content distributing class. In other words, they do it all.

2. Design World


Design World is a power-player in the world of design and manufacturing. They provide engineering news, information on engineering products, and host webinars on their website. To top it all off, their twitter feed does a good job mixing in fun photos with important issues and news.

3. Food Manufacturing


Had to get the foodies in here! While it may not be the first thing you think of when the abbreviation ”MFG” is put in front of you, food is a huge part of the manufacturing world. And there is no better place to get your news than @FoodMfg.


@MFGcom is a place for buyers to meet suppliers in the Manufacturing Industry. Communication is their strength, evident through their twitter feed. Follow these guys for a string of tweets on the nitty-gritty of the manufacturing industry.



Simple name, simple twitter handle, fantastic magazine. We subscribe to Make magazine, and if you like to learn how to make an "Awesome Death Star Pinata" you should too. Or at least visit their website.

6. The Real Mike Rowe


The former host of the popular Discovery Channel Series "Dirty Jobs," and current host of CNN’s ”Somebody’s Go To Do It,” Mike Rowe is a fun follow for Manufacturers, and 240,000 tweeps agree with us. Rowe is an advocate for the MFG industry through his funny pictures and funnier videos.

7. National Association of Manufacturers


The advocate and political follow, @ShopfloorNam is the largest manufacturing association in the United States, and thus a twitter follow almost out of necessity to be in the know. NAM tweets about why manufacturing is "good," and what is happening in our nation’s capitol that will either create or eliminate manufacturing jobs.