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Questions To Ask When Evaluating A New Data Logger

Data Logger Blog Post #4

Note: At the bottom of this post, we've added a video from our YouTube Channel, Data Logging 101.


There are A LOT of choices when it comes to picking a new data logger. Being a little confused is . . .

. . . Completely understandable.

Recent advances in technology have changed data loggers for the better, and a host of new features is available for purchase. But what features are important to you? How do you narrow down the selection? What is essential for you to keep your products safe, maximize profits, and comply with regulatory standards?

We’re here to help answer those questions, by giving you a list of questions. Huh? Yup, stay with us. Below you will find some essential questions to ask when evaluating a change in monitoring device, which once answered, should guide you in your selection of a new product.

The Big 3:

  • What are you trying to monitor?

  • Why are you trying to monitor?

  • What are your monitoring goals?

Those three questions may seem overly simple, but they are important to answer before you begin shopping for a data logger. And the thing is, many people can’t answer them. Before you call a company for a quote, or type “data logger” into Google, be sure you can answer those three things. If you can't answer them, contact experts within your field who can. Once answered, you will have a good idea of what features to look for in a logger, and begin answering the following, more specific questions geared towards your application:

1. Are their specific regulations to adhere to in my application?

Below we've listed a few of the common regulatory agencies/standards that many of our customers must comply to. However, there are more. Find out who will be auditing you (if anyone), and then find out what specific monitoring standards you need to comply to.

2. How many monitoring points do I have?

Monitoring one refrigerator? Not too hard of a question to answer. However, for those looking to monitor a large environment, or multiple environments, the specific number of monitoring locations will help determine which data logger you should purchase.

3. Finally, what is my budget?

Price is important, or course. When you have selected a product family, or a specific set of features that your data logger must have, it's time to find your price range. Compare prices from different manufactures, call for quotes, and do your research into different companies options for the features you need.

Want more information on data loggers? Check out the video below, in which Dickson's Sales Manager, Nick, walks through the various data loggers Dickson has to offer.