Smart Technology and the Future of Healthcare

Back in April, we talked about how Telehealth is changing the face of the healthcare industry.

Deciding to test out the new telehealth app “Ada”, Laura Milne describes what it was like to get a diagnosis through her phone.

“It takes no more than a few minutes to download the app, tap in the symptoms and answer a few simple yes/no questions before Ada decides the most likely causes for your symptoms.”

While the thought of a quick diagnosis is convenient, many are worried about the lack of human interaction in the process. To combat this, the app provides a chat function allowing you to confirm your diagnosis with a general practitioner and ask questions applying to any special cases. It is also noted that the app is for minor ailments such as a cold, flu, or stomach bug.

Because smart technology is a huge part of the future of healthcare, there is a pressing need for patients to adapt to this new kind of diagnosis and treatment.
Read more about Ada at ExpressCo.Uk


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