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How Temperature Monitoring Changes Overall Facility Behavior

Temperature monitoring may seem like a small factor in the overall operations of a production facility, but facility managers and company owners shouldn’t discount its effect on how a facility operates.

There are tangible benefits to temperature monitoring. For example: adhering to regulations, product safety, and product insurance are all direct and easily perceived reasons that companies monitor the temperature of the environment that their products reside in. We tend to hammer home these benefits in the content that we provide, and the product explanations featured in this catalog and on our website.

But, there are some intangible benefits that come as a result of temperature monitoring. Some of these are easy to perceive immediately after a temperature monitoring data logger or system is installed, and others take time to come to complete fruition. Regardless however, temperature monitoring has a positive effect on facilities that incorporate it into their quality assurance system for more reasons than just documenting when temperatures get too hot or too cold.

One of those intangible benefits, is something that we’ve had customers mention to us off hand while in the course of a temperature mapping study, or just when they call in with a question about one of our data loggers. And that benefit is a change in facility behavior.

When temperature and/or humidity is a concern in your facility, and you do a good job monitoring your environment, team habits change. For instance, in one of our recent facility visits, a quality assurance manager mentioned that the data loggers posted in their facility not only were key to securing their latest logistics deal, but also got their production team interested in the other parameters that come with quality assurance, leading to greater communication between the quality assurance department, and the production floor.

In another Dickson customer case, the decision to buy an extra data logger as a back up to a current HVAC system led a research team to use the data logger for tests within its laboratory. Once considered a constant in their tests, when the data logger was introduced, the next round of experiments included temperature not as a constant, but as a variable that could change and affect the quality of a final product.

Finally, our customers have found that temperature monitoring changes facility mindset when it comes to data.

Temperature can be seen as a single number, that you simply want to stay below a certain threshold and above another. However, with products like DicksonOne, temperature data has driven innovation across our customers’ facilities. That innovation can come through changes in risk management strategies, efficiency testing, or transportation security. Whatever the reason, temperature monitoring is here to stay, and you should enjoy how it changes your facility behavior.