Webinar | DicksonOne Alarm Templates & Other Updates

Earlier today, we at Dickson sponsored our first formal webinar in order to discuss our new DicksonOne Alarm Templates and share information on new products and offerings. The turnout was great and we fielded some great questions during the presentation.

If you weren’t able to join us, we’ve posted a recording of the conversation to our YouTube channel and embedded it below for your convenience.


Additional information on Alarm Templates can be found at any one of the following webpages:

  • How to Create an Alarm Template
  • How to Apply a Template to an Individual Device
  • How to Apply a Template to Multiple Devices
  • How to Create a Template from an Existing set of Alarms on a Device

If you’re interested in learning more about our DicksonOne cloud solution, send a message to support@dicksonone.com and we will follow up to address any questions you may have.

We hope you enjoyed the presentation. If you have any feedback feel free to email us at webinars@dicksondata.com.