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What I Learned In My First Four Months At Dickson

Ajooni Sethi reflects on her first four months at Dickson . . . 

When I tell people I sell temperature, humidity and pressure recorders for a living, there generally aren’t a lot of follow-up questions. And that’s a shame.

In my first four months at Dickson, I have worked with nurses and doctors, Amish sheep’s milk farmers, piano tuners, cancer researchers, rare book collectors, caviar fishermen, and heard tell of a customer with a bat cave.

Working at Dickson has made my world larger. Each day I discover industries I did not know existed, or very much took for granted. I’ve started to ask more questions about the world around me, wondering who and what is behind the products and services I consume.

And so Dickson has become an amazing place for a recent college grad like me to “recover” from my formal education. As a Public Policy and French major, I was terrified and yet excited on my first day of sales training when my new boss left me in a room with a chart recorder, a screw driver, and the instructions, “Have fun.”

Dickson never gave me a textbook, and I am very glad for that. The customers I work with are diverse, each having a unique need that I partner with them in meeting.

And unfortunately—but fortunately—there is no script for that.