7 Healthcare IT Twitter Accounts You Should Follow ASAP

Who are the best people in the Healthcare Industry to follow on twitter? Well if you are looking for quality sources of news and analysis, these 7 people and organizations are your best bet.


1. Shahid Shah


Shahid Shah does it all in Healthcare IT, thus he is referred to as the Healthcare IT Guy. A speaker, blogger, and CTO, you can read in-depth articles on Healthcare IT at his website: healthcareguy.com.


2. Fierce Health IT


Fierce is a healthcare publication, and this is their Health IT website's twitter handle. They are a quick and reliable source of Healthcare IT News, and add some analysis as well.


3. Michael Planchart


Self-proclaimed through his twitter handle, The EHR Guy does in fact know a lot about, EHR's. Michael Planchart tweets about security in healthcare systems, interoperability, and healthcare standards.


4. Christina Thielst


Christina Thielst is a Healthcare IT Blogger and Hospital Administrator who writes about telehealth, healthcare IT, and bettering patient's experiences in healthcare. You can find all of her writings at thielst.typepad.com.


5. Healthcare It News


You will find us retweeting them multiple times a week, as their commentary as a news outlet is our favorite in the Healthcare IT world.


6. McKesson Health IT


McKesson is a big corporation that split up their twitter handles to particular fields in healthcare. We love this account because of they tweet great infographics on the current state of HIT.


7. Harry Greenspun


Greenspun is an MD with an eye for HIT. He joined twitter in 2009, and 14,000 followers later, he's seen and commented on a lot of changes in the HIT world.