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7 Reasons You Should Volunteer To Help Your Hospital's IT Team

Your Hospital IT Team needs your help. We aren’t talking to the civilians of the healthcare world, or to Computer Science students seeking out summer internships. We are speaking to the people working in the hospital, who already have way, way, way too much to get done. However, after these seven reasons, we think all you doctors, nurses, PT’s, and EMT’s will reconsider the tech nerds in your workspace.

1. They need it.

Really, they do. Your Hospital’s IT team, whether outsourced or internal, is in desperate need of your help. Not only because they are probably swamped with things to do (just like you, we know) but because they don’t think like a healthcare professional who treats patients, or like a healthcare administrator who handles important hospital decisions. Your perspective is important and they need to hear it.

2. You’ll become more tech savvy, thus a better healthcare professional.

No one has ever said, ”I’m glad I didn’t know how to work that electrocardiogram,” or ”It was so nice not being able to view that patient’s medical history on my computer.” Understanding the technology you work with (or could work) with is essential to healthcare professionals. We aren’t saying you don’t know how to use a computer, rather we believe volunteering for your HIT team will allow you to solve your tech issues and troubleshooting questions faster and more efficiently. Tech knowledge rubs off!

3. Your IT team will become more user-conscious.

By volunteering your knowledge or help to your IT team, you will rub off on them as well. As many companies and organizations know, departments have a way of becoming entrenched in their own perspective. Don’t let your IT team do that.

4. Test cases are the best cases.

Beta testing new devices, networks, or processes for your HIT team will keep you updated on the new technology entering your hospital before it actually enters the hospital. Practice makes perfect, and helping work out kinks in computer systems before those computer systems enter a hospital room will make your hospital a better place.

5. You get first access to new technology.

When you volunteer, good things come back to you. By helping out your IT team, you will get first access to the newest healthcare technology. You also may be the first to get a new keyboard or mouse!

6. Your hospital will run smoother.

Simply put, when departments work together, things go a lot smoother. By understanding the nuances of your HIT team, and also offering them an end-user’s perspective on the technology in the hospital, day-to-day operations will seem less stressful.

7. Your patients will be safer.

When the hospital runs smoother, patients are treated better. It’s as simple as that.