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From The Dickson Catalog: Chart Recorder Addiction, How To Kick The Habit

From the Dickson Insights Editor-in-Chief

In talking with our customers, we find that one of the biggest challenges in their day-to-day operations is the manual process of changing out charts on chart recorders. It’s an annoyance, it’s a hassle, and they would rather not have to deal with paper charts on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis. However, they are still using them! Organizations can become addicted to chart recorders, even if it isn’t in their employee’s best interest, or in the best interest to their bottom lines.

Companies get addicted to using chart recorders for a number of reasons, namely:

  • They are stuck in processes that are not easily changed. 
  • They are leery of the costs associated with switching away from chart recorders. 
  • Their purchasing department is distant from the end-user, and doesn’t realize the hassle of changing charts. 

Being addicted to chart recorders is a real thing, and a real bad thing. Check out the chart on Page 14 of this catalog for a dollars and cents argument against chart recorders. You’ll find a brief estimate of a company’s current cost of having chart recorders on a yearly basis. It’s astounding! Because of the consumables that come with chart recorders (pens, paper) and the personnel hours associated with changing and logging charts, chart recorders are expensive! And an unnecessary expense at that.

Kick the habit, switch to a data logger.

-Michael, Dickson Insights Editor-in-Chief