Three Things To Know About The A2LA

For those of you that need your temperature, humidity, or pressure devices calibrated, you will have to know about these guys. Here are three facts . . .

1. The A2LA accredits calibration laboratories like Dickson’s.

Getting A2LA accreditation isn’t easy, and requires an organization to be both skillful in, and dedicated to, quality assurance. Dickson and other calibration labs get accredited in ISO/IEC 17025, under a variety of measurement types, confirming that they adhere to the highly set standards of the A2LA.

2. The A2LA offers Industry-Specific Accreditation Programs.

Outside of laboratory and measurement uncertainty accreditation, the A2LA also offers accreditation in other fields, including:

  • Food and Pharmaceutical Testing
  • Clinical Field Testing
  • Air Emissions

For us here at Dickson, it’s all about measuring temperature and humidity. We are accredited as a calibration laboratory, and we can assure our customers that our own devices are accurate to a certain degree.

3. They offer accreditation and training.

Yup, you can take courses with the A2LA. These are specifically important for organizations that are looking for first-time accreditation, as the accreditation process can be a bit overwhelming for an organization that has never gone through a similar process. The A2LA offers training in quality assurance management systems, internal audits, root cause analysis, measurement uncertainty, and much more.