How The Wrong Temperatures Are Killing Your Business

It may seem silly stating that temperatures are killing your business. “Temperatures don’t kill business. Bad management, terrible location, and market changes kill business, but not temperature . . . right?” Wrong. Poorly monitored temperatures can kill businesses, and not just for one particular industry. Whether you are distributing vaccines in a hospital, manufacturing steel, or working as a consultant to a law firm, your company may be at a serious disadvantage if temperature is ignored or not monitored closely. How? Find out below. We think you’ll realize just how important monitoring and controlling the temperatures of your business are.

Reason #1: Product loss

You can’t sell it if it’s spoiled, ruined, or has disappeared. Losing products because they weren’t manufactured, tested, stored, or distributed at the correct temperature is an incredibly frustrating form of waste. See those trash bags in the picture above? Think of that as wasted product. Wasted product = money down the drain. It’s been said that a data logger is your best insurance policy. As data logger manufacturers, we obviously couldn't agree more. But we’d like to take it a step further: most companies can’t easily handle a power outage, or incur the financial blow of an open bay door that will result in hundreds, to hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue in spoiled product. So a data logger, or a temperature control system is not only your best insurance policy, but it may save your business. The cold chain is a term that is here to stay. Don’t be the broken link.

Reason #2: Decreased efficiency

Product loss is a pretty easy fix. Decreased efficiency? A bit tougher. All companies want to find ways to make their processes and their employees more efficient. Whether you work with concrete or excel sheet (temperature affects typing speed!) you should take a quick look at your HVAC settings, your oven settings, or your refrigerator settings, specifically to see if energy is being wasted because your environment is being kept at the wrong temperature.

Reason #3: Failed audits

Most mornings at Dickson begin with coffee and the morning news. We hop on the internet while sipping on a hot cup of joe to find headlines like this: “Salmonella outbreak, Company X failed inspection twice.” You don’t want that to be you, correct? While Salmonella is specific to the food industry, many of our customers are required, by law, to monitor the temperature of their environment or product. What happens if you don’t? Your product is less safe, auditors show up at your door, you fail the audit, you pay the fine, your name gets put in the news, your customers lose faith in your product, and yes . . . your business dies. Don’t fail your audit. Instead, know, monitor, and control your temperatures.