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Cold Chain Summit (Part 1)

This series is based on things we've learned from the Cold Chain Summit. The summit covers the implementation of regulatory compliant international best practices for the quality distribution of pharmaceuticals. While pharmaceuticals is a main area of focus, the information is transferable to anything affected by the cold chain.

The Cold Chain is a temperature-controlled supply chain used to extend and ensure the shelf life of products from the time they are manufactured to their delivery to the customer.  The cold chain should be analyzed, measured, controlled, documented, and validated.  The products in this supply chain are affected by many risks during packaging, storing in a warehouse or distribution center and delivering with trucks, ships or airplanes.  One of the areas of risk is temperature extremes which adversely affect the quality of these products.  Documenting temperatures during all of these transfers is critical to ensuring safe and potent products.  Temperature data loggers help monitor the temperature history of the package, truck, warehouse, and the product being shipped.

Dickson’s new report logger provides the record or documentation of temperatures during one or all of the stages within the cold chain.  With no software required and a user replaceable battery, you are ready to document all temperatures across the cold chain efficiently with a push button start at the beginning and a plug into a USB connection at the end.  Your one-page report pops up and is ready for your review and evaluation.