Warehouse Storage Conditions for Pharmaceuticals

Poor storage conditions that expose delicate pharmaceuticals and biologics to changes in temperature and humidity can be very costly in the form of lost product, poor end quality for patients, and damage to reputation.

What Defines Pharmaceutical Product Quality?

Pharmaceutical products must be...

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Five Reasons the Pharmaceutical Industry Should Migrate Data to the Cloud

From a decade ago, cloud computing has come a long way – spreading to a wide array of industries. Recently, the highest amount of IT investment in life sciences industry has been on cloud computing. The cost and time commitment to develop a new drug nearly doubles every nine years. Pharma and...

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Cold Chain Management for Pharmaceuticals

What is Cold Chain Management?

Many products in the pharmaceutical industry, such as modern biologics, monoclonal antibodies, vaccines, gene therapies, some types of insulin, and some cancer treatments require strict adherence to a precise temperature range at all times. This cold chain...

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Why Should You Measure the Temperatures of Pharmaceuticals?

A growing trend in the pharmaceutical industry is the development of more complex and fragile products, like biologicals, chemical mixtures, and large molecules (COVID-19 vaccines are an example of this trend). 

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Pharmacy Temperature Monitoring Requirements for Medication Storage

Why is Pharmacy Temperature Monitoring so Important?

If medications and vaccines are stored at the wrong temperature, several things can go wrong – rendering them less effective than intended or even chemically altered, causing inadvertent patient harm. Because of this risk, pharmacy regulations...

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IoT Solutions Enhance Next-Generation Pharmaceuticals

Since their introduction, IoT devices have evolved from technical curiosities to ubiquitous elements in daily life, finding applications in home automation, healthcare, manufacturing, agriculture, traffic control, and a diverse collection of other areas. 

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The Importance of Compliance for Today's Pharmaceutical Environmental Monitoring

A central aspect of doing business in highly regulated industries, like pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution, healthcare, or aerospace, is the need to have extensive systems in place to protect consumers and maintain regulatory compliance. That includes systems to monitor the environmental...

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Here is Why DDA Accreditation Matters for Pharmacies and Wholesalers

The health of American citizens relies largely on the quality and authenticity of the prescription drugs they take. Even though the United States takes precautions to secure the integrity of the medication supply chain through the FDA, problems can still arise. In order to address potential risks...

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How Cloud Storage Supports the Pharma Industry

Advances in communications technology over the last decade, especially in wireless communication, have enabled the widespread use of cloud-based data storage in the pharmaceutical/biotech and healthcare industries. 

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Why Should Pharmacies Use Cold Storage Monitoring?

Many over-the-counter and prescription drugs can be stored under normal, ambient conditions. As long as the temperature is reasonably controlled, humidity is low, and they’re kept out of direct sunlight, they have a long shelf life. 

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