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Dickson Travels To PACK EXPO: DAY 3

Dickson's Content Strategist at PACK EXPO 2013

NOTE: Dickson will be attending the Annual AABB (American Association of Blood Banks) Meeting and CTTXPO from October 13-15. Stop by Booth 1748 and say hi!

PACK EXPO has officially ended, and I am now back in my hotel room, exhausted from three more-than-full days of conversations about packaging. The final day of PACK EXPO was a little more relaxed however, and I was able to work in more unconventional ways, and yes, take the photo to your left.

The lack of floor traffic allowed my to do a little exploring around the show. One of the larger themes I noticed was an awareness of environmental conditions, as companies seemed very conscious of auditors and the effect that extreme temperatures could have on their application. I noticed quite a few packaging products, adhesives, and plastics that claim to be better than your average Styrofoam or plastic bag at keeping items cool or hot.

Also, there were quite a few companies showcasing electronics that were manufactured to work in extreme temperatures. Our incredibly nice neighbors, CCS-Inc, make computer solutions for harsh environments. The devices they make are cool to say the least.

As the final day of PACK EXPO came to a close, and Matt and I tore down our booth, I thought about how much fun the show was, how much I had learned, and how important PACK EXPO was to Dickson. I was able to shake hands and learn from some of the most influential people in the packaging industry, all while learning where our products fit into countless applications. I'm excited to travel next month to Denver for the Annual AABB (American Association of Blood Banks) for my second trade show in as many months!

WHAT TO LOOK FOR: We didn't just travel to Las Vegas, we made it to the Hoover Damn to visit one of our customers! Look for a blog post in the upcoming days!