[RECAP] Dickson's Inaugural Meetup was a Success

Dickson’s inaugural Customer Meetup on May 12th was a success by several measures. The opportunity to gain direct access to our users resulted in feedback for product development efforts as well as validation of our future goals and ambitions for DicksonOne. Here’s a quick recap of the event and a few things we learned:

The Venue & Attendees

We were very happy with the venue. In fact, we found it to be perfect. It afforded a unique opportunity for a spacious, yet intimate setting in which attendees openly interacted with the group throughout the day. It also helped that the food was incredible. Those in attendance represented a solid sample of Dickson’s core markets. This was important, because it allowed the unique needs of various different customers and industries to be addressed.


Obtaining direct feedback is critical to ensuring we meet our customers’ needs now and in the future. We certainly accomplished that goal, coming away with insights that translate directly into improvements to existing DicksonOne features and functionality we can implement relatively easily in the short run. Some of those include enhanced customization of reports and alarms, business hours for alarms, and customizable graph scaling. That’s just a sampling of the insights we received during the day long event.

Moreover, the users in attendance also validated some of our longer-term goals for the future of DicksonOne, such as a robust dashboard to view and manage individual monitoring channels as well as supporting RF loggers to expand monitoring capabilities.

Future Meetups

Overall, we found the event a great success. We hope to replicate this success at future Customer Meetups, perhaps in other geographic regions with a different sample of customers. Thanks to all those who attended and we hope to see you at one of our events in the future!

If you’d be interested in seeing a future customer meetup in your area let us know at shalasy@dicksondata.com.