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European Union Good Distribution Practices: Key Takeaways

A few weeks ago, the European Union made some changes to it’s “Guidelines on Good Distribution Practice of medicinal products for human use.” We realized it had been a few months since we had updated our own knowledge of these practices, and instead of read through them, stomach the information,...

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A Look Back At The Year In Manufacturing

It’s December, and end-of-the-year-blogs are mounting up in your bookmarks and reading list. While some of us may pretend that lists are for simple reading, not stimulating to the mind, easily organized and digestible for our minds to quickly scan and then move on to something different, we do...

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The Cloud, Cold Chain, and Validation: A Dickson Presentation

Yesterday, we brought you a presentation presented by Dickson's Sales Manager, Nick, at a Cold Chain Conference in Dubai. Today we bring you a presentation from Nick's travel-mate, the DicksonOne Product Manager, Matt, on "The Cloud," and Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring.

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Monitoring the Cold Chain: A Dickson Presentation

Dickson's Sales Manager, Nick, and DicksonOne Product Manager, Matt, recently traveled to Dubai to present at a Cold Chain conference on temperature monitoring. Instead of filing the PowerPoint slides away, never to be seen again, we thought they might be useful for our customers, or anybody in...

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