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A Letter To The Readers Of Our Catalog And Blog

From the Dickson Insights Editor-in-Chief

In the spring of last year, we changed up our catalog. Gone were the days of product specifications after product specifications. In were articles, customer features, and infographics, written and designed for our customer's applications, industries, and jobs.

It went well, or at least we think so. We received positive feedback from our readers and customers. Over the last year, we've provided you all with free Mean Kinetic Temperature Calculators and Calibration FAQ's, and from those articles, we've made ourselves better experts in the temperature, humidity, and water pressure monitoring worlds.

So in order to fix something that's not broken, we are changing up our catalog for 2015 . . . again. Why would we do such a ridiculous thing? Well, we think that we can do better. A lot better, actually. We want to provide better solutions to our customers more often. While our redesigned magazine, now aptly named "Insights," was successful, it wasn't perfect. We'd like to make it perfect.

How do we plan on doing that? By making the following changes:

More pages. Four more in fact! We think that we can write more about temperature monitoring (we were always cutting content last year), and we think you all may enjoy the extra pages. It won't cost you a thing. Consider those extra 2,000 words on us.

Feature Stories. Each month, you'll find a feature story on a topic that is truly important to us. Sometimes that will be a customer profile (this month, chocolate!), and other times it will be an article that focuses on a temperature monitoring issue. Whatever it is, you can always find it on Page 22, ready to be read.

Segmented Industries. We sell our temperature, humidity, and water pressure monitoring products to an incredibly diverse group of customers. Thus, we understand that our readers are diverse, too. To help segment the catalog a bit better, so you aren't flipping through content that you may deem "less important," we've split our catalog to focus in on the Hospital, Pharma, and Medical Device worlds. Not in one of those? Don't worry. Really, don't. In each of those sections of the catalog, anyone can find useful information. Plus, we publish even more content over at our blog, You should check it out.

So that's that. Feel free to call or email us anytime if you have questions.


-Michael, Dickson Insights Editor-in-Chief