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3 Tools To Measure Mean Kinetic Temperature (With a downloadable Excel spreadsheet calculator!)

Mean Kinetic Temperature: used by many but understood by few. For the food and pharma industries, knowing the Mean Kinetic Temperature (MKT) of a product or group of products during storage or shipment can be crucial to quality, safety, and falling in line with your auditing agency. Below we’ve outlined 3 tools below to help you calculate the MKT of your processes. But first, a brief explanation of what it actually is . . .

MKT is a number. That number is expressed in Celsius, Fahrenheit, or Kelvin, thus it is a number that expresses a temperature value. To expand a little further, MKT is a temperature value that attempts to simulate how a product was affected by temperature over a period of time. Think of it like this: you have a pharmaceutical drug recently manufactured an en route to a storage facility. The temperature at the facility it was coming from was 43F, the truck it was shipped in was 27F, and the new storage facility is 38F. MKT simulates the effect of all those temperatures on your product.

1. The Formula (Difficulty Level = Hard)

Mean Kinetic Temperature Formula

For all you math whizzes, for all you quadratic formula know-it-all's, the formula just may be right for you. For the rest of us, easier options await your scroll!


2. Excel Sheet Calculator (Difficulty Level = Medium)

We had one of our engineers/programmers put together a spreadsheet that will allow you to enter in temperatures from your data logger, and then automatically calculate your Mean Kinetic Temperature with the push of a button. The link to download the Excel file is below, and contact if you'd like more information.

Mean Kinetic Temperature Excel Sheet Calculator


3. DicksonOne (Difficulty Level = Easy)

DicksonOne automatically calculates your MKT for you. Yup, it just appears on the screen next to you temperature and humidity values. Seriously, it does. Look at the screenshot below. And, for more information on DicksonOne, go to, or give us a call (630.543.3747). We’d love to chat.

Mean Kinetic Temperature DicksonOne

7/1/2015: This post was updated to change the Default Activation Energy of the Downloadable Excel Calculator from 85 kJ/mK to 83.14472 kJ/mK

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