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Cold Chain Summit (Part 3)

This is the third part of our Cold Chain Summit Series. In part one of this series we discussed what the cold chain is and why it is important. In part two we discussed stability testing and why that is important.




One Page Report Logger Report

According to speakers presenting during the online Cold Chain Summit, shipping is an activity that is difficult to control because of the multiple variables:

  • weather
  • different seasons
  • long customs procedures
  • inspections for security
  • delays

Temperature profiles provide a basis for determining when temperature excursions could happen.  Customs procedures and security inspections could cause temperature-sensitive product to sit in adverse conditions for a long time.  Packaging containers need to be designed to protect these products during these circumstances.

When you cannot have eyes on your package, knowing what has happened to your materials and/or goods is critical. Dickson's Report Logger can be your eyes while you aren't around to know the conditions your materials and/or goods are in.

Placing Dickson’s report logger into these packages will document temperatures during all of these shipping circumstances.  When shipping temperature-sensitive products, it is crucial to monitor temperatures and collect accurate data.  Dickson’s new low-cost report logger positioned inside the package, truck, airplane, ship, warehouse and distribution center is the perfect instrument for printing a one-page log of the temperature data during transit.