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From the Catalog: A letter from the Product Manager (Jan 2013)

This letter was originally published in Dickson’s February 2013 catalog. Want to know more about Dickson’s Products? Take a look at our Dickson catalog. It’s free, and helps you stay up to date on the latest news and products from Dickson. 


Talking to customers is important. It has been a while since we’ve used this catalog as a means of communicating with you, but we’re due for a friendly chat. I also wanted to take a moment to explain a big change at Dickson that is hard to convey through the typical catalog format.

So, what’s the exciting news? Avid readers of our catalog (I know you’re out there!) may have noticed a new product that has started appearing in the last few issues of the catalog. Well, DicksonOne is officially here! What is DicksonOne?

DicksonOne is a SaaS (software as a service) that lives in the cloud. For some they just “get it”, but for others it isn’t as clear. A SaaS simply means we host the software on our servers as opposed to you, the user, having to install and maintain on your own system.

The benefits of a system like this include:

  • No software for you to maintain and worry about updating. DicksonOne is always up-to-date and gaining new features
  • Access your data anywhere you have an internet connection
  • Features upon features that you simply can’t do if the data isn’t in the cloud
  • And so much more!

But wait! Some of you may be asking “What if I use DicksonWare or the WiZARD2 system?” DON’T WORRY! We will continue to support and offer all current products for the foreseeable future as many customers have a lot invested in their current systems.

So why the big move? Besides the benefits listed above, Dickson is, and has been for almost 90 years a leader in environmental monitoring and we’re taking the benefits of existing technologies and combining them in a way that benefits the customer more than ever before.

There will definitely be questions and feedback and I want to hear it. We’ve built out an expansive repository of questions at, and if it isn’t there you can ask, or... You can EMAIL ME DIRECTLY at: Matt [at ] I look forward to speaking!



Matt McNamara
DicksonOne Product Manager