GET SOME Supply Chain Security

Prevent Lost, Stolen Or Damaged Products

Why are 30-40% of international drugs and medicines counterfeit or stolen? And 1% in the US? Because pharmaceutical drugs and medicines are distributed over a vast, global network. And, they are very profitable. With the rise of new large economies like Brazil and Indonesia, pharma companies are seeing a vast expansion of their distribution networks.

With expansion comes problems, especially if you are one of the most lucrative industries in the world, as the pharmaceutical industry is. When expensive goods move into new markets, there are going to be some growing pains.

Preventing lost, stolen, or damaged products in a supply chain is a daunting task, because finding where and when products are being lost, damaged, or stolen can be such a witch hunt. Unless you have a system of preventive monitoring in place, and a robust one at that, you will find yourself fretting over each and
every shipment.

In last month’s catalog (available on our website, or call us to request a copy) we touched on the problems in the pharmaceutical supply chain through an explanation of serialization, and why serialization is fast becoming one of the most concrete ways to secure your supply chain from stolen or counterfeit drugs. We’d like to reiterate that point. Serialization is the most effective way to secure your supply chain.