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environmental monitoring

Warehouse Storage Conditions for Pharmaceuticals


Poor storage conditions that expose delicate pharmaceuticals and biologics to changes in temperature and humidity can be very costly in the form of lost product, poor end quality for patients, and damage to reputation.

What Defines Pharmaceutical Product Quality?

Pharmaceutical products must be...

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Why Should You Measure the Temperatures of Pharmaceuticals?

A growing trend in the pharmaceutical industry is the development of more complex and fragile products, like biologicals, chemical mixtures, and large molecules (COVID-19 vaccines are an example of this trend). 

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IoT Solutions Enhance Next-Generation Pharmaceuticals

Since their introduction, IoT devices have evolved from technical curiosities to ubiquitous elements in daily life, finding applications in home automation, healthcare, manufacturing, agriculture, traffic control, and a diverse collection of other areas. 

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The Importance of Compliance for Today's Pharmaceutical Environmental Monitoring

A central aspect of doing business in highly regulated industries, like pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution, healthcare, or aerospace, is the need to have extensive systems in place to protect consumers and maintain regulatory compliance. That includes systems to monitor the environmental...

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Cold Chain Logistics and Rules for Pharmacies

Cold chains are specially designed distribution networks in which product temperature is controlled and monitored from end to end. Many types of products are distributed using cold chains, including produce, frozen foods, specialty chemicals, and the focus of this article, pharmaceuticals. 

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How Cloud Storage Supports the Pharma Industry

Advances in communications technology over the last decade, especially in wireless communication, have enabled the widespread use of cloud-based data storage in the pharmaceutical/biotech and healthcare industries. 

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Why Should Pharmacies Use Cold Storage Monitoring?

Many over-the-counter and prescription drugs can be stored under normal, ambient conditions. As long as the temperature is reasonably controlled, humidity is low, and they’re kept out of direct sunlight, they have a long shelf life. 

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Cloud-based ​​Temperature and Environmental Monitoring for Healthcare: An Inside Look

Environmental monitoring is important in several aspects of healthcare facility operations. For example, the temperature and humidity in critical care spaces, like operating rooms and ICUs, must be controlled for patient safety and comfort, and to maximize energy efficiency. Continuous monitoring...

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5 Tips For Warehouse Workers To Reduce Employee Fatigue

An early 2021 inspection of an Eli Lilly pharmaceutical plant in Indianapolis led to the FDA issuing a Form 483. The inspectional observations that were listed in the form included problems with environmental monitoring, microbial contamination prevention procedures, and root cause investigations...

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​​Why Hospitals Are Investing in Centralized Monitoring Systems

In this blog, we frequently talk about remote monitoring, and specifically how networked sensors can be used to continuously collect data on critical environmental and process parameters. In this article, we’ll focus on the applications for this type of centralized monitoring system for hospitals...

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