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IPPE Day 3: The Frozen Armageddon

We sent our Content Strategist, Michael, to the 2014 International Production and Processing Expo and he is writing about his adventures. For Day 1 of IPPE, click here. For Day 2, click here.

I have to hand it to all the attendees and exhibitors at IPPE, they showed up despite the snow. With most of Atlanta shut down for the day, cars abandoned in the thousands along the side of the freeways, and people still stuck in certain areas, IPPE pressed on, and attendance didn't seem to falter much, if at all.

Here was the scene on Wednesday morning, outside a coffee shop located next to the Georgia World Congress Center:

IPPE Day 3 2014

While salt trucks scrambled to get the ice off the roads, I learned more about temperature and humidity monitoring in the Poultry and Meat Industries:

What the industry seems to be lacking, or in need of, in temperature monitoring, is a process data logger (similar to Dickson's New HT300 Unit) that communicates to an interface throughout the transportation and production process. This is hard to do for a couple of reasons. First, temperature ranges. Building a digital data logger that can withstand both extreme lows and extreme highs in temperature is something the industry has struggled with. Second, the question of communication. How often, and more important simply "how" do these loggers communicate to an interface (phone, SaaS, servers)?

Dickson is working on solutions, and hopes to Exhibit next year at IPPE. To wrap up my time here in Atlanta, I would say that the variety of uses for temperature and humidity data loggers in one industry is endless. For the poultry and meat industries, it is no different.