Warehouse Storage Conditions for Pharmaceuticals

Poor storage conditions that expose delicate pharmaceuticals and biologics to changes in temperature and humidity can be very costly in the form of lost product, poor end quality for patients, and damage to reputation.

What Defines Pharmaceutical Product Quality?

Pharmaceutical products must be...

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5 Tips For Warehouse Workers To Reduce Employee Fatigue

An early 2021 inspection of an Eli Lilly pharmaceutical plant in Indianapolis led to the FDA issuing a Form 483. The inspectional observations that were listed in the form included problems with environmental monitoring, microbial contamination prevention procedures, and root cause investigations...

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How To Complete Method Validation Documentation

What Belongs On The First Page?

Whether you have brought on an organization to map your facility, or you are performing the mapping study yourself, you will need to know what the document containing mapping or validation results looks like. While it may seem cliché, the first page of your mapping...

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Data Analysis and Validation in Temperature Mapping

What Do You Do With All That Data?

After the mapping study is complete, when you’ve collected all of your labeled EDLM’s from your temperature mapping locations, and have them in a container with pages of their associated data sheets at your desk, it’s time to start the next step of the temperature...

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4 Important Acronyms In Temperature Mapping and Validation

Some abbreviations and acronyms are like words in our vocabulary: we don’t even think twice when we see them. In the digital world, acronyms like LOL, and NP, are part of our colloquial language. Even in the business world, acronyms like PO are nearly universal to companies, and make up the fabric...

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Dickson Dictionary: Warehouse Mapping

Industry terms can have different meanings to the different people inhabiting the industry. When we hear the term "Concrete Curing" we immediately think of temperature and evaporation. The construction worker on site doing the curing however, he may think of the strength and durability of the...

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Hospital Blues: How Supply Chain Breakdowns Harm Patients

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The Hospital Supply Chain Is Ever Expanding

With the Affordable Care Act sweeping healthcare in the U.S., hospital supply chains have had the spotlight shown on them: a somewhat disregarded discipline in a hospital has now come to the forefront in cost savings.

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GET SOME Supply Chain Security

Prevent Lost, Stolen Or Damaged Products

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A New Wave Of Regulations: Monitoring Room Temperature

Pharmaceuticals are some of the most closely monitored goods in the world, and their storage conditions are no exception. Until recently however, when a company was monitoring the temperature of a pharmaceutical drug, they were probably only interested in those drugs that inhabited the cold chain....

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