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Cold Chain Management for Pharmaceuticals


What is Cold Chain Management?

Many products in the pharmaceutical industry, such as modern biologics, monoclonal antibodies, vaccines, gene therapies, some types of insulin, and some cancer treatments require strict adherence to a precise temperature range at all times. This cold chain...

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Cold Chain Logistics and Rules for Pharmacies

Cold chains are specially designed distribution networks in which product temperature is controlled and monitored from end to end. Many types of products are distributed using cold chains, including produce, frozen foods, specialty chemicals, and the focus of this article, pharmaceuticals. 

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The COVID-19 Vaccines and Cold Storage: What We Know So Far

The November announcement by Pfizer and BioNTech of promising interim data in their COVID-19 vaccine trial represented the first breakthrough in a series of world-changing developments surrounding the efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines. While other successful trials and subsequent approvals followed,...

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4 Factors for Avoiding Asset Loss from a Freezer Failure

Freezers are a critical element of the supply chain and storage of many different high-value products, including medicines, vaccines, laboratory samples (for hospitals and research institutions), foods and beverages, and specialty chemicals. These products must be kept cold in order to maintain...

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Vaccine Temperature Monitoring: 5 Best Practices

Vaccines are distributed through a refrigerated supply chain, known as a “cold chain”. For a vaccine to maintain its potency, this cold chain must be unbroken from manufacturing to administration at the healthcare provider. Vaccines generally fall into two classes, based on whether they should be...

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Upgrading the Quality of Cold Storage Monitoring

A leading company that provides specialized products to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, needed a solution to help them improve their process of maintaining product quality and compliance within their cold storage units.

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6 Features of an Effective Cold Chain Monitoring Strategy

Temperature-sensitive products (vaccines, for example) must be kept cold along the entire supply chain, from manufacturing to point of use. The equipment and procedures used to ensure this is referred to as a cold chain.

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