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View Dickson’s Webinar on Thermal Mapping in a COVID-19 Era

Thermal mapping can be a significant undertaking under any circumstances. With the realities of COVID-19 limiting organizations’ ability to have their full teams on-site or bring in outside contractors, it adds another layer of complexity to the process. 

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Temperature Mapping: A Critical Process for Maintaining Compliance

In regulated industries, we often encounter materials and processes that are highly sensitive to temperature and humidity. The storage of certain pharmaceuticals is one example. In these situations, temperature mapping, also referred to as thermal mapping, is a GxP method that is used to prevent...

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Thermal Mapping from A-Z

When it comes to producing and storing temperature-sensitive products, sometimes the long list of terms and information involved in mapping can get a little confusing. Below is a list of abbreviations and key terms to help make digesting your mapping report and validation easier.

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