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Museum and Archive Storage: An Introduction To Data Loggers, Temperature, and Humidity

Museum and archive storage is important. How important? Well, the minds behind the underrated Ocean's 12 thought it so important they included this scene at the end of their movie:

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Dickson Makes Its Primetime Television Debut On "Person Of Interest"

Quick Episode Recap:

In this week's episode of "Person of Interest" (Season 3, Episode 17), the Machine takes Root down a winding path of confusing tasks, which culminates in meeting and trying to protect a janitor, who goes by the name Cyrus Wells. This is the return (and the redemption) of Root...

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PRESS RELEASE: We Built The Best High Temperature Data Logger

The Dickson Company Proves the Inside Does Count

Introducing the redesigned HT300 High Temperature Data Logger.

Chicago, IL: Today, The Dickson Company, an American manufacturer of Environmental Monitoring Instruments, announced the release of their High Temperature Data Logger, the HT300. The...

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PRESS RELEASE: Our New Report Logger

The Dickson Company’s New Report Logger

It fits in your pocket, and ensures your compliance.

Chicago, IL: The Dickson Company, an American manufacturer of Environmental Monitoring Instruments, announces the release of their new Report Logger, the RL 200. The RL200 is a compact temperature data...

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Are You Using The Right Probe?

You've been in your current position for only a short while. Let’s say you are the QA Manager of a Food Manufacturer. As you go through the necessary learning curve, and get to know the environment you’ll be working in, you notice that your monitoring products need calibrating, or are too few and...

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Lessons In Networking And DicksonOne Security

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Fahrenheit to Celsius, Celsius to Fahrenheit

Yesterday on, Eric Ravenscraft published a piece titled, "Practical Math Shortcuts For Everyday Life." In the article, Ravenscraft outlines a few formula's to make your life easier, including how to estimate interest rates, how to calculate a tip, and how to figure out how much that...

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How To Use Dickson Products To Cook Like A Pro This Thanksgiving

It’s Wednesday afternoon, and you've got some extra data loggers, chart recorders, or temperature indicators lying around your workspace. The sun has begun to set, you lazily swivel around in your chair to the sounds of coworkers saying “Bye,” Happy Thanksgiving,” and “Seeya Monday.” Your mind...

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5 Things to Understand BEFORE Buying a Remote Temperature Probe

1. There are three main types of remote temperature probes: (1.) Platinum RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector), (2.) Thermocouple,* and (3.) Thermistor.**

*There are many different kinds of thermocouple probes. Dickson uses K-Thermocouple probes on it’s units. Be on the lookout for an article...

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Questions To Ask When Evaluating A New Data Logger

Note: At the bottom of this post, we've added a video from our YouTube Channel, Data Logging 101.

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