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A Brief Recent History of Candy Manufacturing Regulations

If you have kids, are a kid, or have kids in your neighborhood, you will probably be involved in the short-lived, annual, intensely one-sided, candy economy that is of course, Halloween.

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Salmonella Heidelberg Outbreak: More Information on Agencies, Audits, and Temperature

The essential info as of 9:00AM Wednesday, October 9th:

Salmonella Heidelberg has been found in Foster Farms Raw Chicken.

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This Blew My [Ignorant] Mind: Forbes on American verse European Eggs.

I spent much of my high school years working at a small town grocery store. I worked in the freezer and dairy departments, stocking frozen pizzas, yogurt, ice cream, and uh huh, eggs. Three days a week at 6:00AM, I would pull pallets of frozen foods off of semi trucks, rushing them as fast as I...

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Why Cruise Ships Should Monitor the Temperature of Their Food

The Silver Shadow food monitoring mess

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Cold Chain Summit (Part 4)

This is part four of our Cold Chain Summit Series. You can read part one, part two, and part three to catch up. Quickly though, we've been discussing what the Cold Chain is, why it is important and how it impacts your products and goods.

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Cold Chain Summit (Part 3)

This is the third part of our Cold Chain Summit Series. In part one of this series we discussed what the cold chain is and why it is important. In part two we discussed stability testing and why that is important.

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Cold Chain Summit (Part 2)

This is part two of the Cold Chain Summit series. In part one we discussed what the cold chain is and why it is important. We continue by highlighting additional topics we have learned from the discussions and feel are important to share.

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Cold Chain Summit (Part 1)

This series is based on things we've learned from the Cold Chain Summit. The summit covers the implementation of regulatory compliant international best practices for the quality distribution of pharmaceuticals. While pharmaceuticals is a main area of focus, the information is transferable to...

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Keeping the Ice in Ice Cream

In one of the hottest environments in the world, keeping ice cream cool and frozen is a very difficult task. A leading manufacturer of ice cream in Dubai uses a network of Dickson data loggers to monitor this task. The goal is to monitor temperatures and deliver sweet frozen treats across the...

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